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GM hints at electric car milestone
DETROIT ? A small battery company backed by General Motors is working on breakthrough technology that could power an electric car 100 or even 200 miles on a single charge in the next two to four years, GM?s CEO.
Stagnant wages exacerbate inflation agony
WASHINGTON ? Inflation spooked the nation in the early 1980s. It surged and kept rising until it topped 13 percent.
Fight for Fiat-Chrysler HQ
Carmaker says no decision?s made; Italian union wary
GM touting fuel efficiency of new engines
Automaker to offer more E85 vehicles, hybrids for '07
Slower growth forecast
Index backs Fed's hunch that brisk economy cooling off
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Pay hike to Owner Operators arrives not a moment to soon
It's about time some financial assistance went to the Owner Operators. A whopping pay hike to all vans arrives & trucks are getting another dime a mile. Both still, get their fuel surcharges and better yet, the increase is happening WITHOUT sacrificing load volume... This is the 3rd time in 3 years in a row, this particular carrier hikes pay to balance the curent industry trends. If this doesn't rattle your cage, nothing will. Thanks to this carrier for sharing it's badly needed profits with those who help make it happen. Hang in their expediters, this carrier is worth looking into. Say thanks to Expediters Union.com and their parent company.
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Our first "annual" expo was July 19, & 20 2006. Developed over
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Almost 2 years of preparation brings you the BEST midwest expedite expo. 
Our 2nd annual expedite expo was even better.
Visit this site for more info.. 
See you in 2013 at our 8th annual EXPEDITE EXPO in Ft. Wayne Indiana. Be sure to visit this 2013 Expedite Expo.
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