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Welcome to eXpediters Network. Fair, Powerful & Balanced.

The Ultimate Guide to Successful Expediting, committed to the well being of Owner Operators and carriers alike.

We're working to bring you the best there is to offer!

1. To bring together carriers & drivers while promoting this new and rapidly changing method of transportation so important to our economy and economic health of the fastest growing segment of our transportation industry, driven by Owner Operators.

2. To bring together industry resources, information, carriers & drivers, into a fair, balanced & productive marketing and information arena.

3. To create one exclusive source and several key sub sources, to combine the industry resources helpful to manufacturers, shippers, consignees, drivers and the companies that support this food chain.

4. Mainly: To target & expand a very specific global audience, and create an online source that can equally and fairly help all industry participants through networking & sharing resources and information.

All who participate in this site will have an equal share of it's marketing and input on it's marketing strategy, design and communication content.

eXpediters Network intends to be the first on-line Expediting info site that bases its relationships on a developing and thriving new transportation industry, NOT, on an advertising dollars spent bias. A site that truly brings it's content to it's visitors and users with their best interests in mind.

This site, with your assistance, will become the leader in the on-line arena and an essential part of expedite companies portals to market their selves and be a part of a global transportation economy.

You are encouraged to bring your input to the forefront of our development of this site. Join our forum and provide input. This site will be built in large part, by the users of it.

We want your opinion. Give us input by using our Contact Us link. Potential advertisers & Owner Operators, give us some input on what you would like to see this site have, that you feel will benefit it's users. This site with your help will become a leader and an can be an essential part of your overall & Internet marketing strategy.

Our site will be set up differently in terms of cost, differently than any similar site currently available and will be much more attractive in terms of cost and benefit. Some of our programs are in use but may remain in an ongoing research & development mode.

Please contact Expediter's Network if you are interested in considering becoming a sponsor / advertiser of this site.

Members of our Opinion Leaders Panel are Recruiters, transportation company owners, Owner Operators and business professionals.

Network Resources are many. Currently over 20 different sites remain in a target development mode.

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