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Tolls 06/27/2014
Category: General News
Publisher: ENET
Author: Rep. Yvonne Davis, D-Dallas

Another bill on the governor's desk includes provisions to overhaul TxDOT, authorize private toll roads, transfer permitting for oversize and overweight vehicles, and restrict use of ticket cameras.

Changes at TxDOT have been sought for the past few years in retaliation for the board turning a deaf ear to public sentiment about the TTC.

Changes would include the following: having an inspector general appointed to offer independent scrutiny of operation; firing employees found to have lobbied the Legislature; and creating a 20-year transportation plan.

A separate provision in the bill would allow about 20 private toll roads to be built.

Opponents say the state should not give up control of its roads to corporate interests, which often are foreign-owned.

“I think it's a fragmented approach to how we deal with what our needs are for the state,” Rep. Yvonne Davis, D-Dallas told lawmakers during floor consideration. “It just looks pretty shabby.”






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