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Ever hear the old saying, " Failure is an event, not a person." That statement is half right. Failure is a lesson - a hard one. No one celebrates failure, unless you're from Philly and you just beat Dallas. No one goes into an event, a business, or Expediting - expecting to fail or wanting to fail. Yet failure occurs time after time. Are Carriers to blame or the Owner Operator? Being an Expediter can be a great job, but you need to prepare yourself properly. Find out more, click on my story and share my observations as an Expedited Owner Operator.

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Expediters Network .com is contacting a Toledo Ohio Expedite Carrier (name withheld pending this investigation), regarding a reported allegation to ExpeditersNetwork.com from a "xxx" Agent, to get their side of the story in terms of allegations from this Agent of theirs, that they are refusing to pay their bills for freight they subbed out to an Agent Carrier of theirs. We'll get their side of the story and you'll be able to read about it here as details surface. We'll post the details from both sides asap, read more soon.  THE CARRIER NAME WILL BE DISCLOSED PENDING OUR INVESTIGATION ALONG WITH THEIR RESPONSE OR LACK OF). Additionally,   we are contacting "xxx" "xxx" Logistics an expedite carrier regarding the following... (this information, according to one of  "xxx" "xxx"  Independent Contractor/Owner Operators aka as IC/OOP), We will provide  "xxx" "xxx"  response as it is obtained. THE CARRIER NAME WILL BE DISCLOSED PENDING OUR INVESTIGATION ALONG WITH THEIR RESPONSE OR LACK OF).  The complaint alleges that  "xxx" "xxx"  Independent Contractor/Owner Operators,  that they are forced to purchase commercial insurance thru  "xxx" "xxx"  insurance broker and mandates their IC/OOP's purchase and have settlement deductions for their insurances or be disqualified from running for them.  "xxx" "xxx"  allegedly prohibits running for any other carrier while leased on with them. If and when  "xxx" "xxx"  fails to provide loads, this IC/OOP is forced to sit and watch the grass grow and is prohibited from making money from another expedite carrier.

Through our research, most expedite carriers allow and even encourage IC-OOP's to run for multiple carriers. We are told this is to deliberately AVOID IC/OOP's from starvation when carriers are unable - to provide conistent load volume. When an IC/OOP does not get fair volume, they should be able to freelance wherever they choose in an effort to capture badly needed operating revenue to help them survive. To not be able to supply freight in adequate amounts to OOP's and watch them set and starve, is simply mind boggling. Finally, every "Independent Contractor is just that (an Independent Contractor), you have the right to operate that way and NOT, as an employee... Keep in mind that if an IC/OOP purchases / attaches itself to any expedite carriers policy, they would be forced to purchase a SECOND policy to run for any other carrier...
When you own and control your OWN policy, you can now run for as many expedite carriers as you wish (which most IC/OOP's do), you can now capture freight from another carrier when one of your carriers fails to provide a load on any given day (s), Additionally, your loads will be produced faster when you have MULTIPLE carriers looking for your freight for you at the same time. When you get a load from one carrier, you should simply go out of service with the others that were looking for your loads simultaneously, then, tell those other carriers where your headed as well as your drop time and availability after drop. Then, simply start all over again the next day the same way. Whoever gets your load first, take it, make the money but be sure to go out of service with the other carriers. First come - first served. Nothing wrong with that! We are told that ExpeditersInsurance.com can provide other agents/brokers who can and will write your commercial policies for your expediter units of any size. We will provide more follow up on this as details surface. Finally, we will be contacting a particular independent agent / insurance broker out of Ohio to find out if they are aware that if they're aware of the suffering caused to IC's/OOP's and if they sell insurance to  "xxx" "xxx"   Logistics and specific other carriers and what if anything they offer specific carriers in exchange of having them write these policies. 

Had a bad experience with an expedite carrier? Want to find out if a particular carrier has a bad reputation or complaint? Be sure to read this link here!

Need commercial insurance for an expedite owner operator?
Want to find out how to get the best rate and locate the industries ONLY expedite insurance site? Go to expeditersinsurance.com to locate the nations #1 expedite insurance underwriter.

Be sure to  read this link here!
Expediters Network is actively searching investors / end users / venture capitalists for a new lower cost ( JOINT VENTURE ) expedite load board / nationwide asset location system to post OOP's /  users' & carrier: * Individual Owner Operator Cargo Unit Location (s) *Expedite Carrier Fleet Cargo Unit Locations *Brokers / Agents Asset Locations More details will be posted on this as they become available exclusively to established already active load board company's of any type and size. This system will be exclusive for expedite shipments only... email   Mail@ExpediteForums.com

Expediting Online .com

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Load posting and empty unit listings. Post your available units nationwide. 
Sharing resources.  Sharing information. Serving your customers. Cargo vans, straight trucks and tractor trailers. Expediters On line and expedite carriers online, click above. Expediting Online .com Expedite Carriers .com

Fort Wayne Expedite Expo .com
Our first "annual" expo was July 19, & 20 2006. Developed over
2 prior years and worth the wait. Almost 2 years of preparation brings you the BEST midwest expedite expo.  Our 2nd annual expedite expo was even better.
Visit this site for more info..  See you in 2016 at our 11th annual EXPEDITE EXPO in Ft. Wayne Indiana. Be sure to visit this next Expedite Expo in 2016 .
Fort Wayne Expedite Expo .com

Go to expediteJOBSonline.com for Cargo Van Openings now!
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Keep in touch with other expedite drivers, carrier jobs, expedited freight, loads, cargo van jobs, straight truck driving jobs, and the industry. Links to TAX INFORMATION, Insurance, General News. Don't miss it. Visit  ExpeditingForums.com
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- The nations #1 online source for expedited recruiters, expediting information, goods & services for Ford, Nissan, Chevy, Sprinter, Dodge, Nissan & GMC cargo vans & Hot Shot straight trucks. Search our database for cargo van & straight truck urgent freight / express carriers & expedited driving jobs for owner operators / truckers.  If you want to expedite now, this is the resource to use. Jobs, loads, it's all right here. CONTACT OUR PARTICIPATING CARRIER LINKS! Routing, maps, online applications & freight companies. Learn about expediting. Expedite eXpo events in Fort Wayne Indiana. Expedite online right here. Find recruiters & help wanted. Emergency freight & express shipping online news experts. Find expedite jobs right here with our carrier network. Every resource you need on America's premier expedite web site! ExpeditersNetwork.com. If your not running with more than one expedite carrier at the same time, your making a big mistake!  Read why here. Coping with no loads, isn't the same as fixing it!!! Diesel: $3.89-   Reg.: $2.75-   Mid: $2.87-  Prem.: $3.44-  last year    - Diesel: $3.95     Reg.: $3.98      Mid: $4.09     Prem.: $4.16
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